The feeding cup is be made from blue plastic, and in cases of breakage or damage, it can be replaced with any cup that can fit the copper holder opening. You can put any types of feeds on the cup and enjoy watching the birds feeding and adorably interacting with one another. What I really love about his product is its simple construction that can appear naturally like a tree branch for bluebirds.

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  • Squirrels and chipmunks will scale my brick home, to get to the feeders.
  • The bottom of the curve starts about an 1-1/8″ from the bottom edge of the upright and ends about 3/4″ below the intersection of the side edge with the peak.
  • With a capacity for 8 pounds of birdseed, the feeder is made of powder-coated, rust-proof metal.
  • This makes it easier to fill and refill the bucket, and although the plans describe it as being optional, it does make your life much easier when it is time to refill.
  • The feeder is small and only holds about 1 to 2 cups of seed.

I’ve tried a lot of their products, and while I don’t love all of them, I do appreciate most. And this is one of those items that I really like from this company. This bird feeder keeps squirrels out with its push-down mechanism on the bar that also serves as perch for the birds.

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As much as it seems convenient as a bird feed, it also proves to be a very decorative piece for your garden. You might as well end up attracting some squirrels too. We saw some designs for plastic and wine bottles upcycled as bird feeders. You can also use a similar technique to use old soda bottles made of glass.

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On other cold days, they can have suet, sunflower hearts, softened fruit and corn meal muffins. On other days, they should be given mealworms – considered to be the bluebirds best food. They have the best-looking feeders being sold in the market. Aesthetically, the Droll Yankees Multipurpose Feeder is something bird feeders will surely find cute.

This weight mechanism is adjustable and may be reset from its default 4 ounces to deter large birds, as well. To do this, remove old seed and disinfect the unit with a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach. Rake away ground debris and spread a clean layer of mulch beneath the feeder, and wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning. However, several reported that the mesh lets small seeds slip through, and is prone to tearing, especially by squirrels. Some felt the birds shied away because of the bright yellow top and reported no activity.

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Love them or consider them a pest, squirrels are everywhere, and they love the same treats you provide for the birds in your garden. Squirrels are persistent and endlessly innovative in finding ways to feast at bird feeders. There are devices you can attach to your current bird feeders, but feeders that are designed to be squirrel-proof are usually more effective. This suet feeder does double duty, with two suet cages on either end and a center chamber to fill with 5 pounds of seed. It’s handcrafted from cedar with polycarbonate see-through windows, plus there are ledges on the sides for birds to perch.

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Bird feeders need to be kept out of reach from squirrels and cats for birds to feel safe. Other garden bird feeders can be attached to windows to allow you to get closer to the birds; a great way to start teaching children about nature around our homes. But bird feeders are not only important for the winter. In the warmer months, birds will have new chicks and a consistent food supply will help ensure they’re raised successfully. I used three different colors of stain to add a little variety and interest to the feeder. The stain also helps to protect the pine from the elements and extends the life of the feeder.

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There’s definitely practical in this feeder – the cage, which means no regular squirrels can go through even if they try their hardest. The lid, which is the only entry point can be lifted with enough force but not something a squirrel can do so you can relax without any hassle. No suet will ever be touched by squirrels, unless it has become extremely small, that it will naturally fall off the feeder cage. Well, nothing is better than an enclosed feeder if you are trying very hard to deter those squirrel away.